Roulette rules

The roulette wheel consists of a rotating mounting plate that is distributed around the rim around the bottom of the bowl. The ball is outside the bowl until the ball and the last wheel are in the same part as the ball.

The distribution around the wheel is numbered from 1 to 36 in a seemingly random and alternating red and black pattern. In addition, there is also a green dealer of 0. There is only one American table with a special green dealer of 00, and this makes the American version of the hole an even worse economic collapse than the European game.

Before throwing the ball, people bet on which number will appear by placing the chip on the bed. The exact location of the chips indicates the stake. Roulette is a game that originated in French France, and on the traditional table, the French gambling area is still used in English-speaking areas. However, U.S. desks almost always use English words and slightly different textures.

Rules of European Roulette

Assuming all possible gambling is understandable, roulette is a slightly simpler game. In each round, when both bets are made with colored chips to identify each player, the chicken interrupts the bet, the wheel spins and throws the ball in the opposite direction. When the ball stops at one of the starting points, the decorator announces the result, collects the lost and placed bets and pays the winner the winnings.

Some casinos and casinos play alternative rules. Both the roulette La Partage and En Prison rules reduce the interest in money in the casino. If you play at home, decide from the beginning which of the following rules you want to play.

Prison rules

  • Here are the rules for hollow bets that can only be applied to betting. As the center grows, the player has two options:
  • Redeem half of the bet and lose the other half.
  • Stop betting (in prison = in prison) for the next roulette if you want to play all or nothing. If the next round is zero again or does not match the bet bet, all bets will be forfeited. Otherwise, the player’s money will be refunded if the result of the next round matches the bet.
  • La Partage Rules

The rule of thumb is similar to the rules of the dice, except that in this case the player has no choice when the center appears and loses half of the bet.

Maximum and minimum bet

Casinos usually place the highest and lowest bets on the roulette table, and this is sometimes done for relaxation as well. Typically, in each round of the wheel, if both the stake and the inside of the player must exceed the minimum stake ຳ. The maximum stakes usually represent the maximum stakes allowed for a single “direct” stake. The maximum bets for other bet types increase as a percentage, e.g.

Rules of American Roulette

In the United States and the Caribbean, the wheel doubles and both bets (excluding direct bets on the selected center) are lost when both centers are up.

The rules are the same as in European Roulette above, except that double zeros work in the same way as a single zero zero result.

Some American casinos allow extra bets, called “basket bets,” which place bets by placing chips in the same way as outside the line between the centerline and lines 1, 2 and 3. This bet is usually 6-1, which makes it worse than other roulette bets.